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Free! Credit card processing analysis

Free! Credit card processing analysis

"Simply the best. Transactions First made the entire process simple. I wouldn't use anyone else."
- Laura H.

Why Choose Us

Through our alliances with America’s most well respected financial institutions, Transactions First enables merchants to accept every type of electronic payment easily and securely.  Transactions First understands the importance of efficient and effective service for our customers.  Without trading quality for quantity, Transactions First continually works and adapts to the changing market needs.  We are there to work with and assist our client’s needs as the world shifts from paper to electronic transactions.  This dedication has resulted in us having excellent customer retention.

Some of the Services offered at Transactions First:

Next Day Deposits
No Contracts
Full Service American Express and Discover (allows merchants to receive only one statement for all 4 card types and one daily deposit)
24/7 Merchant Support
Mobile Credit Card Processing (allows you the merchant to process credit card transactions using cell phones)
E-Commerce (Accepting credit cards on a website)
Gift Cards
Pin Debit
Check Guarantee
Point of Sale systems and Software options

Whether it is researching a transaction, supplying documentation, replenishing supplies or providing additional training, our customers can depend on our responsive, dedicated personnel for fast, reliable service.  At Transactions First, we believe we are setting the foundation to be the industry’s leader in customer retention.

Transactions First has been incredibly helpful and supportive to my business. They are only a phone call away. They have taken extra time to make sure I have been taken care of, and they never made me feel like I was asking too much of their time. I really have appreciated working with them and highly recommend them to others looking for a solid, reputable and supportive credit card processing company.

Jana Cardona
BNI Mid-South