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Free! Credit card processing analysis

Free! Credit card processing analysis

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The Clover® – Now Available!

Overworked small business owners, Clover® is here to help. from Clover® on Vimeo.

The Clover® Station Point of Sale System can take some of the work out of your work day.

Benefits of the Clover® Station

●    compact, streamlined and modern appearance

●    encrypted card reader built in to the touchscreen

●    ability to print, email or text receipts to customers

●    unique app store to download applications and increase functionality

●    easy to use time clock and payroll capabilities

The Clover® touchscreen is brushed aluminum with white glass accents to give it a very sleek, modern look. Beneath the stunning exterior is an incredibly smart machine with cloud-based control coupled with app downloading capabilities.


The 11”x7.5” base supports an 11.6” high definition touchscreen, making the Clover® Station very compact. The display has an encrypted card reader built right in along with a fast-focusing camera to handle QR codes and barcodes. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack for ADA compliance as well as talk-to-text support. The screen can be rotated for landscape or portrait viewing.

The receipt printer is equally compact at 6.89” x 6.89” x 6.94” with four hidden USB ports. The USB ports allow easy peripheral expansion for kitchen printers, a handheld scanner or a weight scale.

The coordinated cash drawer measures 16.54”x16.54”x4.25” and there is a single power source for the display, printer and drawer. The station is ethernet and wi-fi enabled.


Cash, checks, credit and signature debit are all possible forms of payment accepted by the Clover® Station. Along with printing receipts the station also has the capability to email and text receipts to customers.

Manager overrides, easy batch-out and closing, on-screen signature capture and offline mode are other great features. If you have multiple terminals, menu or other changes sync automatically across all of them in real-time.

In addition to the sales and managerial functions, the Clover® Station also offers an easy-to-use time clock feature. The system’s time clock has employee clock-in and clock-out capabilities. This makes payroll and other employee-related administrative tasks a breeze.


The Clover® Station can quickly and easily provide any reports needed via a convenient, cloud web dashboard. Reports include Payment and Item Summaries, Cash Entries and Order Snapshots. Employee time cards can also be accessed and you can easily customize discounts, promotions and tender types.

App Marketplace

One of the most innovative features of the Clover® Station is the App Marketplace. It makes it extremely easy to add additional functionality to your POS system. Some of the apps that are available include auto-discounting apps such as Happy Hour and the Tables App, which provides full-service restaurant management. You can even provide sticky-note style reminders for employees using the Notes app.

Contact Transactions First if you are interested in more information about the Clover® POS system and think it may be a good addition to your business.

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