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Free! Credit card processing analysis

Free! Credit card processing analysis

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Retail POS

The First Data Retail Solution Point of Sale System is a state-of-the-art multifunction workstation that is perfect for any business in the retail industry.

Benefits of the Retail POS

●    heavy-duty hardware to withstand any workplace
●    process payments and track sales and inventory using a single system
●    USB ports allow compatibility with a keyboard, scanner, receipt printer and more
●    real-time, customizable reporting guarantees accuracy

It is an affordable way to process payments, track sales, manage inventory and control costs using a single, convenient system.

Transactions First offers installation, customization and training for this POS system at a price that is right for a small business.


All of the Retail Solution hardware has been tested to ensure that it can handle the most demanding work environments. The POS system runs from a compact, personal computer terminal powered by a fast Intel processor that easily replaces a cash register.

Optional 2nd Terminal

It has complete touchscreen functionality on the 15” LCD monitor, but is also compatible with a standard keyboard via USB port. The monitor features a built-in magnetic strip reader and additional USB ports make it possible to quickly incorporate a lockable cash drawer, receipt printer, scanner and many other peripherals with the unit.


The software of the Retail Solution POS system has been specifically designed and developed with retail in mind – increasing customer satisfaction, retention and boosting sales. It is both fast and reliable for quick check-out times and less time spent on operations.

By integrating payments with back-office functions it is a breeze to improve customer service along with making general store operations more efficient. It allows for the easy creation of promotions and customer loyalty programs for more personalized service and driving business. Cashiers can even be prompted when there are up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to increase profits.

The system processes virtually every payment type including gift cards and paper checks, in addition to all major credit cards, debit cards and cash.


All reports are in real-time and fully customizable so you only see the information you need to see. It is easy to check everything from prices to inventory and sales trends in different departments.

Purchase orders can even be automatically generated using restock levels and customized reorder points. It is even possible to review the purchase histories of customers while completely eliminating paper-based tracking methods.

Contact Transactions First to find out more about the Retail Solution POS system and if it can improve your business.