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Free! Credit card processing analysis

Free! Credit card processing analysis

"Simply the best. Transactions First made the entire process simple. I wouldn't use anyone else."
- Laura H.

Company History & Our Values

Transactions First Merchant Solutions, Inc. founded in 2005, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

Began in July 2005 by Jeff Maxwell and Gannon Buckmaster, who have collectively over 20 years experience within the credit card industry.  While having a plan of starting a business worth putting our name on, we separated from a publicly traded company to establish the joint venture with the concept to have a successful business by providing the customer with exceptional service that saves businesses time and money. (Providing exceptional service at the lowest possible cost, with next day deposit of funds, and no contracts.)

At Transactions First we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations and over delivering on our service, we at Transactions First Merchant Solutions are recognized around the area as the choice vendor for credit card processing.  Within only a few years, we have grown to service a diverse group of merchants, including retail to serviced based businesses, and ranging from restaurants, salons, physicians, contractors, manufacturers, and e commerce.  Our customers extend from coast to coast, with the bulk of them from within the Mid-South area.

With an industry saturated with credit card processors, it is imperative for us to distinguish ourselves among our competitors as the select choice with which a business chooses to work.  We do this by assessing a merchant’s needs, wants, and concerns, and customizing a solution to best fit those elements.

One of the key features that sets Transactions First apart is a no-contract pricing agreement with no early termination fee. We strongly believe that if we treat our customer’s right, we don’t have to force them into staying with us by locking them into a contract.  We earn your business each and every time you process a transaction.  Often contracts will lock a merchant in to a processor for up to three years with stiff penalties for early cancellation.

“Next day deposit” of funds also separates us from our peers.  If a merchant batches out or closes out the terminal by 6pm CST, their money is deposited into their account the very next business day.  This is very advantageous to many small businesses or to businesses that rely heavily on cash flow.

Most of our business comes from customer referrals, networking, and word of mouth.  We have established strong ties within the community by joining referral groups and organizations, such as BNI, Crescent Club, Better Business Bureau, and several local chambers.